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"Bighorn Sheep"

Bighorn Sheep

Bighorn Sheep (Ovis Canadensis) are common in the Northern Rockies. They have some amazing adaptations that allow them to survive in the sometimes harsh climate of the Rockies. Able to jump 20 feet between footholds, these sure-footed animals are also adapted to the flora of the Rockies, able to go 3 days without drinking in the summer. Furry coats serve them well in habitats ranging from grassy foothills (2,500' - 5,000') to alpine meadows (6,000 - 8,500'). Bighorn are very susceptable to human-caused environmental problems and can serve as indicators of healthy ecosystems.

This drawing is the second in a series of larger drawings of the fauna of the Northern Rockies. I once again utilized a a wonderful photograph by photographer Jonathan Ley for the main subject. The grasses and the rocks are mostly created out of my imagination. This drawing is available as a limited edition, archival, pigment-based Giclée reproduction on 100% cotton rag fine art paper for $80. The image size is sized for a 16" x 20" frame.

Bighorn Detail 1 Bighorn Detail 2 Bighorn Detail 3

Medium: Graphite Pencil
Strathmore 500 Series Bristol Plate
Edition: Signed and Numbered Limited Edition


Last Update: January 10, 2016

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