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Black Rhino

Black Rhino

This drawing of a Black Rhino is a composite of several images. The rhino was a captive one that I had taken a photograph of a few years ago. The acacia trees and savannah are gleaned from several reference photos and the rock is just one I made up. They were each important in bringing together the symbols of natural evolution of an extraordinary animal, a tale of unmitigated poaching since the 1970's, and of a glimmer of hope for recovery.

The rock art I created is symbolic of man's relationship with the rhino. In the 1970's the number of Black Rhinoceros was estimated at 65,000. Far Eastern market demands for their horn drove their numbers steadily down until 1995 when only 2400 were left in the world. The two spent rifle casings in the lower-left of the drawing represent their meager numbers at that time. There has been some success with rebuilding their numbers and continued pressure to eliminate the poaching may yet help grow their numbers even more. The population is estimated at around 3600 today. I have attempted to tie this into the horizon where the large acacia tree represents their healthy pre-poaching populations and the skeletal tree to its left represents the recovery efforts today.

Rhino Detail 1 Rhino Detail 2 Rhino Detail 3

Medium: Graphite Pencil
Fabriano Artistico Watercolor Paper
Edition: Open Edition

Last Update: January 10, 2016

Copyright © Rich Adams 2006
All Rights Reserved