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The Western
History Series

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"Ah Chee Lo"

Ah Chee Lo

This drawing is the fifth entry in the "Western History Series". It depicts a young Indian child from the Desert Southwest. The child's eyes really drew me to this piece as they seem to capture so much emotion and draw the viewer into the piece.

The blanket's texture contrasts with the smooth skin and deep darks of the hair. The charcoal background gives a warmth to the piece that compliments the graphite used for the girl.

The image is based on a 1905 photograph by Edward Curtis from the Library of Congress.

Detail 1
Closeup 1
Detail 2
Closeup 2

Medium: Graphite Pencil and Charcoal
Paper: Strathmore 400 Series Bristol Plate, 12" x 15".
Edition: Limited Edition

Last Update: January 10, 2016

Copyright © Rich Adams 2006
All Rights Reserved